Monday, 22 March 2010

Best Shots

Establishing Shot:

Sun flare shot, we did this to make the feeling of speed for intense:

Final Shot, this shot shows the final stance that the king has, it is a metaphor as sometimes you end up on your own:


James - Music & Sound effects

During the making of our thriller opening, we threw around a fair few different soundtracks and sound effects in them to try and get the best effect. Our very first idea was to have a fully instrumental soundtrack to compliment the monologue. Before finishing, we had decided this wouldn't work as well as having a slightly more generic background drone, complimented by a few effects at the start. We also put a few effects on Dom's voiceover to make it sound more creepy. At the end, we decided to add a creepy little music box tune. The overall feel of it came out really well, adding a creepy tone to our Thriller Opening.



The editing proved very difficult in this opening. As you can see there are a lot of clips cutting to and from each other. I used quick fades and fast shots to keep the pace of the opening throughout.

Using colour correction we were able to achieve the black and white that we wanted. We did this by lowering the saturation removing the colour.

Here is the layout for our text. We wanted to stay true to our theme of political thriller so we used a very sophisticated font that portrayed class and intelligence.

this is the font we used:


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Achieved today 17/03/10 - Ryan & James

We have all agreed and decided that we are happy with the finished product.
Today we have managed to complete:

  • all video and video effects we thought needed editing
  • as well as all the music and sound effects that we removed and replaced
  • and we are now exporting the video
-James and Ryan

Reasearch into similar products - Ryan - James

Similar films may include:
The Godfather - For instance the mafia aspect for the plot of our film

James bond (octopussy) - because of the chase scene where the clown is being chased by a man with a knife.

Carlito's way - Because of the film starts at the end with a monlogue speaking over the top of the opening sequence similar to our film opening

Ryan & James - Today 17/03/10

Today we are going to watch through the thriller opening and make any changes that may be needed such as any music, video or effects.